Drop dead gorgeous

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Summer revellers will be made wise to the dangers of mixing cocaine and alcohol with the launch of a campaign in Stourbridge.

Dudley’s community safety partnership re-launches its ‘drop dead gorgeous’ campaign this month which raises awareness of the potentially lethal substance, cocaethylene.

At the height of this summer’s festival season, the campaign aims to encourage safe partying by hitting home the dangers of mixing cocaine and alcohol and features a reveller who has suffered from the consequences.

Cocaethylene is a chemical formed when alcohol and cocaine are taken together. It is highly toxic and puts the body under immense stress which can cause sudden heart failure.

The risk of sudden death is 18 times higher if people take cocaine and alcohol together. People are being warned that taking one line of cocaine is all it takes to produce toxic levels of cocaethylene.

Councillor Tim Wright, cabinet member for community safety, said:

“Alcohol and cocaine are a lethal mix and it is important for young people to be made aware of this. As well as cardiac-related illness, combining cocaine and alcohol has been linked to irrational and violent behaviour.”

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