Enjoy the party season safely

Christmas revellers in Dudley are being reminded of the dangers of mixing alcohol and cocaine in a bid to help them stay safe during the festive period.

safe & sound,Dudley’s community safety partnership want young adults to recognise that mixing cocaine and alcohol is a deadly cocktail.

Cocaethylene is a chemical formed when alcohol and cocaine are taken together.  It is so toxic and puts the body under so much stress that it struggles to cope and can cause sudden heart failure.

The risk of sudden death is 18 times higher if people take cocaine and alcohol together. And people are being warned that taking one line of cocaine is all it takes to produce toxic levels of cocaethylene.

Councillor Tim Wright, cabinet member responsible for community safety, said:

 “Cocaine on its own is a class A drug which is illegal to have, sell, or give away and possession could carry a lengthy prison sentence. 

“Young adults need to be aware of both the dangers of being found in possession of an illegal substance and the dangers of mixing cocaine with alcohol.  It’s a lethal mix and as well as cardiac-related illness, combining cocaine and alcohol has been linked to irrational and violent behaviour.”

For advice and information talk to FRANK on 0800 776 600 or visit www.safeindudley.org/dropdead

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