No rogue trader zones continue to roll out

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No rogue trader zones continue to roll out in Dudley borough as part of a pilot scheme.

Dudley Council’s trading standards team identified Halesowen North and South, Hayley Green and Cradley South and Belle Vale as the borough’s first no rogue trader zones.

The zones, which started to roll out last year, have been funded by safe & sound,Dudley’s community safety partnership, and have been set up to deter rogue traders and promote the council’s bogus caller hotline.

Most households in these areas have already received information to help them identify rogue traders and a door sticker to help deter them.  In addition, signs have been erected around the zones to ward off bogus callers.

Police and trading standards officers continue to carry out inspections of neighbourhoods, approaching traders who are working on a property or operating door to door to verify they are genuine.

It is expected the zones will be fully rolled out by the end of March and long term it is hoped that rogue trader activity will significantly reduce in these areas.

Councillor David Stanley, cabinet member for environment and culture, said:

“It’s important residents, particularly those who are vulnerable, are aware of the dangers of rogue traders.  The new zones have been set up to both reassure residents we take this matter seriously and to deter rogue trader activity.

“Although we will carry out increased activity in the pilot zones, everyone in the borough can make use of the bogus caller hotline and we will investigate incidents of rogue trader activity from anywhere in the borough.

“With the support of residents, we can stamp out doorstep crime inDudley.”

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